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Genting casino Malaysia Genting highlands wonderful malaysia

Genting Malaysia is known as the leaisure and hospitality business. Its overall activities include theme parks, gambling, hotels, seaside resorts and entertainment.

Genting casino Malaysia

Genting Casino Malaysia , so-called Casino de Genting is situated 6000 feet above the sea level between the states of Selangor and Pahang in Malaysia. From Kuala Lumpur, people can go to Resort World Genting in one hour by car or by bus. You can have choice of a day trip to the hill resort and come back on the same day to Kuala Lumpur or stay at any of the 6 hotels in Genting Highland. In Genting Highlands, you can stay at the biggest hotel in the World which is known as First World hotel with around 6118 rooms.

In addition to casino gambling, Genting Highlands provides players with a theme park with over 60 fun rides, 170 restaurants and shopping stores. It is the best to book the hotel for some nights if you have never been in Genting Highlands before.

Genting Casino Malaysia Games

Genting Casino Interior

For many years, players from all parts of the world rush to Genting Casino throughout the year to test their luck or just play for fun. There are a lot of casino table games to pick up from including roulette, poker, baccarat and Chinese games. Apart from casino table games, you can choose to play slot and e-games casino.

Genting Casino Malaysia Rules

Genting Casino Malaysia is operated on a 24/7 basis and gamblers must be non-Muslim and over 21 to come to play casino games. If you wear T-shirt, shorts or sandals, you are prohibited to enter the casino. If you find it difficult to play at a real casino like Genting Highlands Casino, you can enjoy casino games at reputable Gdwon333.com.