[ 11-03-2016 ]

The Great Blue Slot game free online

Scr 888 Casino games can take enjoyers all the way around the world, into outer space and - in the case of the slots game Great Blue slot - down into the deep blue sea. Wherever your chosen game on Scr888 Casino takes you, there's always the possibility to win some amazing cash prizes.

Great Blue slot is a five reel, 25 line games. Like all slots games on online casinos like Scr888 casino, it's easy to enjoy and there are no complicated rules to learn. A novice can stand to win just as much as someone who's been enjoying for years. Whether you win or lose is down to the mixture of symbols that the reels land on.

To reel in a big win on Great Blue slot, you first need to determine what value coins you're going to wager with. You can change the coin denomination by pushing on the Push to Change button in the left hand bottom corner of the screen. Next, choose how many lines you're going to enjoy per spin - either by pushing on Lines or pushing on one of the pay lines on either side of the reels.

As with many of the Scr888 slots, there's a variety of ways to set Great Blue to enjoy. If you want to enjoy with high stakes, then push on Bet Max which will place the maximum value bets on all 25 pay lines and start the reels spinning automatically. You can also put in a set amount of spins and then push on Auto Spin so that the different rounds are enjoyed automatically, or enjoy one spin at a time keeping the same bet or making adjustments between spins.

Like all great online casino slots, the Great Blue slot has a amount of special features. One example is the Wild symbol - a great blue whale - which acts likewise to a joker in a card game. It can substitute any symbol and therefore increase your chances of winning on any pay line it appears on. There's also a separate payout for two or more Wild symbols on any one active pay line.

With a minimum coin value of 1p and a maximum of £5, and a choice of how many lines you enjoy together with the possibility of gambling up to 10 coins per line, you can see how wide the gambling range on this fantastic Scr888 live casino malaysia slots game is. Whether you are enjoying with pennies or pounds on Great Blue slot doesn't really matter, it's always an absorbing game, especially when you're enjoying the full 25 lines.