[ 16-03-2016 ]

Great Blue Slot games free online for people gambling

If you are a fan of online slots game with great jackpots that do not rely on progressive gathering, after that Great Blue slot is one to watch. It has 25 paylines and puts the emphasis on securing large number of wilds and advantaging from a bucket-load of free spins. Of course, you will need more than a bucket if you want to bail yourself out of this game’s underwater theme, with its appealing images and snazzy sound effects.

Great Blue Slot Game

How To Play Great Blue slot

- To get started, you need to determine on the amount of coins you want to gamble, as well as deciding on the coin size with which you are relaxed. Keep things at the lower end of the spectrum if you are working with a smaller budget, or bump it up if you are a high-stakes gamer and you like a challenge.

- Get spinning and see what comes up across the 25 paylines that are ready for use to you, remembering to watch out for those wilds, which are themed around the image of a mighty whale. Since these wilds stack up in threes, you can potentially collect an entire screen’s worth of the aquatic creatures, netting a great payout as a result

- Make use of up to 33 free spins which can be won, with any gainnings made when free spins are used getting multiplied by a factor of 15 for even more fun.

The free spins on provide in Great Blue slot are a great incentive to keep playing, since the multipliers that are ready for use are higher than several comparable online slots. And with stacked wilds and other bonus characterisrics, it is a real amusement to play.


- Secure a maximum of 33 free spins, paired with a 15x multiplier, to ensure that jackpots stack up nicely.

- Gamble up to 250 coins per spin, with the game provideing a standard jackpot of 100,000 coins or a maximum potential payout of one out of four of a million coins!

- Scattered shells are one of the best ways to go for gold, as they let you gain free spins when they appear in groups of gambleween three and five. They grant you access to the bonus game that determines how several spins you will gain and the size of the multiplier which will be applied when you use them.


- Connect wilds with free-spin multipliers to theoretically net up to 37,500,000 coins for the greatgest jackpot payout. It's up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds, basing on the size of coin selected.

- Double your gain with the red/black double-up bonus characterisric that lets you gamble after you hit it great.

Have fun with Great Blue Slot!