How to play Dragon Tiger
[ 21-08-2017 ]

How to play Dragon Tiger

How to bet in Dragon Tiger Game in online gambling Malaysia


The objective of this game is to bet on which of these three: The Dragon, the Tiger or the Tie. To start playing, the player must click on which chips he will bet. Click the chip value and place the cursor to the betting option, and click on either Dragon and Tiger.The player can also click on Tie. The chip will automatically appear in the betting option. After placing the bet, the player has to click Deal to process his bet. The hand with the highest card wins. An Ace is the lowest, so the rank of cards runs from Ace-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K. And in the event when both of the cards drawn are of the same value or a Tie.

Using Strategy to Win on betting

There are many strategies that can be used when playing this game in the live croupier casino. However, some players may find that card counting can be useful to determine how many high or low cards remaining in the deck. This will allow players to choose their wagers wisely and increase their chances of making a bet to win. It can also be easier for players in sports suits because there are only four. This is useful when betting seed, which is the stakes in the game. With this bet, he will make a bet in which the seed will be provided and the payout is 3: 1 for the right bet. Any player who placed this type of betting should always keep the track suit that was played in the game to this point. However, always remember that game played with 8 decks and the deck will be mixed after the fourth use.

Other Bet Options

To increase the odds of winning, there are other bets that can be put in the game apart from the best of Dragon, Tiger, Tie, and Suit. There are also bets for adults and children. With this, you wager on whether a particular card will become great, which means it is more than 7, or less, in seven. With this bet, the casino does not have a home border of 7.69%, so it is not necessarily the best option. start playing Dragon Tiger game now!