Introduction of Cockfighting
[ 04-11-2017 ]

Introduction of Cockfighting

Cockfighting and Online Betting

In the Philippines, the 6,000-year-old sport of cockfighting has been transformed into a fully-legal, billion-dollar industry. Known locally as sabong, it takes place in 2,500 dedicated stadiums across the country and kills an estimated 30 million roosters each year.

Bali men, would rather violate the rules, accept the moral condemnation, but also into the online cockfight, because in this process, compared to money, more access to status promotion, can be honor, dignity and respect. Cock on this stage, is the "agent" of the people, for their villages, factions, communities, species, class and fight, people with people in the social relations and competition in the cockpit on the symbolic Way performance.


Even if countries have banned cockfighting, the world is also regarded as bloody cruelty, the Filipinos are still hot in this activity, and as a "national movement." In order to protect the "national cultural heritage", during the period of his appointment, the company has not only implemented a cockfighting law, but also set up a Commission on Game fowl to issue a cockpit license, as well as cockfighting and keeping permission. Banned bureaucratic, administrative or privileged institutions involved in fighting farms. But this is only on paper.

Filipino love of cockfighting, from a word of mouth joke that: If the home fire, the first to rescue the cockfighting, followed by his wife with children. Cockfighting is more important than his wife. This joke fully shows the attention of the Philippine men to the rooster, as the relationship between the Bali men and the rooster, for the Philippine men, the cock is their own body. Men make cockfighting on their own.

As a result of legitimate gambling, cockfighting became a "good business" in the Philippines. This industry can create more than ten million pesos worth, and even become a multinational investment market. This is full of thousands of cockfighting, with millions of cockfighting country, also known as the paradise of cockfighting.

Such commercial interests may also reflect the intrinsic nature of the Filipinos. Even if they have faith, are honest and optimistic, they are willing to enjoy happiness and bet on this kind of game. Because they can in this field can reduce the difficulties and frustration in life. Whether you are poor, or elite in the elite, like former President Aquino's family.