Sports Betting - Learn How to See and Differentiate The Odds
[ 05-10-2018 ]

Sports Betting - Learn How to See and Differentiate The Odds

Learn how to see and differentiate the odds

In this article today, I will be going to transfer my knowledge that I accumulated from Malaysia Sportsbook to all the beginners that how to see and differentiate the odds and place them without making any mistake.

I will try my best to make it as simple as possible for everyone to understand and learn it easily. If you are feeling more confidence after reading this post, you may log on to the website of GDWON333 to place your first confidence match. Take note that for the new registered account will have the welcome bonus, and for the old account will have the rebate, these are the ways that can boost up your capital before you place any bets.


In Malaysia Sportsbook, you will see there are plenty of odds in it, while every single odd will have all the numbers which are the rates that are confusing you.

Normally, it is not as hard as you think, although you will not win your bet 100% by knowing this, but at least you will not place your bets wrongly. Let use the match tomorrow as an example, Swansea City versus Liverpool. You can see there are different odds for a single match, just pick one randomly to have the explanation.

Liverpool is giving 1.5 balls away to Swansea City. But there are different in black font and red font, why? Let’s say if you bet on Swansea City for the +1.5 and you won the bet, you will get the full amount of your bet plus your original bets. While if you lose at the rate of -0.98, your loss will be the amount of your bet multiply by the rates of it. In the other hand, if you are betting for Liverpool, you will have the rate of 0.92. Liverpool is the team that predicted to won by the bookies, if you won the bet, you will only get the amount of bet multiply by 0.92. But, if you lose, then you will lose the full amount of your bet.

Here and now, let me teach you how to pick the odds, if you follow my steps, you can even against the bookie.

If you have no clue about which team that you should choose to bet, just pick the team that in black font. From my own experience, the rate in between 0.75 to 0.90 is safe for you to bet and it also own a higher percentage to win the game. As I mentioned above, these are the odds that are analysed by the bookies, and set it for the bettors to play.

This is the basic knowledge that should learn by every bettor, follow the website to know more about sports. For the people who are still looking for a platform to place their bets, you can just choose Malaysia Sportsbook to place your bets and support your desire teams.