Is Sabong Betting Legal In The Philippines?
[ 09-12-2020 ]

Is Sabong Betting Legal In The Philippines?

Yes, Sabong betting is legal and widespread across the Philippines. There are betting terminals and legal bookies at the cockpits that players can place their bets. Sabong has been quoted as being a billion-dollar industry in the Philippines and since it is so popular there are several ways for a bettor to bet on cockfighting while in the Philippines. The most popular way to get a legal bet in is to go to a cockpit and place a bet with a licensed bookie. Sabong betting online is not available from any reputable bookmakers.

Is It Legal To Bet On Cockfighting Online In The Philippines?

No, there are some online Sabong betting sites that operate locally, but the Philippines have made it clear that domestic online Sabong betting is illegal. Quezon City and Manila have both cracked down on operators offering online betting for cockfights. Local government code is specific in the fact that Sabong must be regulated and bets can only be taken within the jurisdiction in which the cockfight is held.

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